Southside Exteriors

Professional Roofing Contractor

Siding, Doors, Windows, & Home Exterior Contractor serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia

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Southside Exteriors

Professional Roofing Contractor

Siding, Doors, Windows, & Home Exterior Contractor serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia

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Southside Exteriors

We offer professional roof replacement along with a complete line of home exterior solutions.

Let’s face it: everyone out there wants that dream home that they see on remodeling shows or in home and garden magazines. Yet few feel as though their budgets can accommodate it. Well, here at Southside Exteriors, we dare to ask why can’t you have all the home you ever dreamed of.

We pride ourselves on being the top roofing contractor in the area (roof repair & replacement). We have over 20 years of expertise in the home improvement industry and we are able to offer an extensive list of services relating to exterior home improvement. We’ve created these services to not only be affordable, but comprehensive.



The dream of owning a quality, custom-made home is one that many local residents share. Yet for some, that doesn’t necessarily mean having to build an entirely new house. Many already have excellent homes that, with just a few updates and tweaks, can turn into the residences that they’ve always dreamed of.



Many take for granted the shielding effect that a home’s siding provides. One would think that you’d want to take every measure necessary to protect all that you’ve done on the inside. For that, you need a quality provider of siding.



Improve the curb appeal of your home while reducing monthly bills with new doors from ODEC Southside, Inc.. We install top-quality doors that are designed and built to provide structural strength, security and superior energy efficiency.



We’re surprised how many homeowners enter into the remodeling process without thinking about including new windows in their projects. Few truly appreciate what their windows offer aside from a little sunlight. Thus, it often takes a provider of replacement windows to point these things out.

Jimmy Carter

"We're committed to excellence in everything that we do..."

James Carter


Customer Testimonials

“Southside Exteriors where one of several companies I approached when I needed to have work done to my roof. I decided to place my order with Southside as they were, by far, the most professional outfit I dealt with. Jimmy (Owner) visited on several occasions to measure and go over my requirements, before any work commenced. He was always on time, friendly and honest about what could, or could not, be done according to my budget. After giving Jimmy the go-ahead, work started within a couple of days. The laborers were also punctual, friendly and respectful of my home. I will not hesitate to contact Southside Exteriors for any future work on my home.”
“The Simonton replacement windows are great. The first day of install, we were experiencing the recent cold phenomenon of temps in the teens. I went by my upstairs Thermostat and was wondering why someone changed my heat setting from 69 to 71. Actually the heat setting was still at 69 and the upstairs was holding at 71 with the rising heat from downstairs. This has never happened before even with normal winter temps in the 30's. Unbelievable! Installation was clean and professional. The installer used foot covers when coming in the home. Great job.”
John A.
“ODEC Southside is a professional and customer service oriented general contracting business. James (Jimmy) Carter is ahead of the curve on emerging technologies that impact the construction and renovation industries as they relate to the home owner. He coordinates with sub contractors so that all parties understand the total job and they compliment one another instead of trying to work..”.
Scott N.

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